Hello! So I was selected by the two fun and adventurous gals, Amanda and Courtney, over at Suitcases & Champagne blog to share some personal facts about myself (as a nominee of the Mystery Blogger Award). I’ve been following the two girls on their travel adventures so it was great to learn more about them, and also to read about other nominees and discover new blogs. Seems like a great way to support each other and see what other bloggers have been up to outside the blogosphere! Thanks, Amanda and Courtney!

See outfit details for this daisy floral wrap dress at the bottom of the post.

So here’s how it works:

Thank whoever nominated you and link their blog

Tell readers 3 things about yourself

Answer the questions the blogger gave to you

Nominate 10-20 people

Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog

Ask nominees 5 questions of your choice

Share links to your best post(s)

Three facts about me:

1) I know kung fu. I practiced Wing Chun kung fu for over 10 years. I never go to class or training anymore, but I still get the urge to punch a throat.

2) I met my fiancé Eddie online on okcupid.com. We connected on Three’s Company trivia and skateboarding and have already been through so much together.

Forever partner.

3) As you can tell from the first two facts about me, I was and still kind of am a tomboy. I pretty much live in jeans and sneakers, but I do love fancy heels and cute dresses. Especially when there’s an opportunity to IG it.

Questions asked of me:

What is your favorite city or country that you’ve traveled to and why?

New Orleans, Louisiana! That city is so lively and fun with the live jazz and festive party people. I went for a work conference, and I was afraid I’d experience some racism (being in the South and all), but nope. I experienced nothing but kindness and the best of southern hospitality. Can’t wait to go back. Also: great beer and oysters.

Do you have any career goals? What’s next for you?

I want to write a screenplay. It’s an aspiration that’s been percolating for years now. I should make it happen.

What’s the best life advice you’ve ever received?

I have never received good life advice. But I guess whoever said “follow your gut” was the best I’ve heard.

What’s the one thing you let yourself splurge on?

I would have to say handbags. Although I’ve gotten better about it and I try to purchase only preowned or sale items now.

chloe marcie

I stopped buying the same bag in different colors.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

True crime and investigative murder TV shows. Some girls get caught up on “terrible” reality TV shows like the Bachelor and Real Housewives, but I’ll take Forensic Files, House of Horrors, and Stalked any day. I can binge for hours. Eddie does not approve.

My best posts:

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Bloggers I nominate:

Tania :: Inspire My Fancy

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Nina :: ninalnguyen.com

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Questions for my nominees:

1 :: Are you a full-time blogger living the dream, or do you have another day job?

2 :: Who has been the most influential or inspirational person in your life?

3 :: If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would buy?

4 :: What is your favorite way to spend Saturday night?

5 :: If you could have any famous person or celebrity follow you on IG, who would it be and why?

Don’t forget to provide 3 other facts about yourself!

Thank you all for reading!

Dress :: Fashion Union at ASOS (on sale!)
Belt :: ASOS
Boots :: Tibi
Hoop earrings :: Carbon and Hyde (I received these from Eddie for Valentine’s Day and wear them almost everyday!)

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toya\'s tales
5 years ago

So cool to get to know more details about you. I never used a dating site before but it seems like everyone is on them nowadays. Very cool!

5 years ago

It’s so great learning more about you babe. How cool that you know Kung fu, wow. You should teach me some, lol. And thank you so much for nominating me. I’ll have to do to this for my next post on the blog.

Again, loved learning about you and thank you for nominating me.


5 years ago

Hey Jenny! When you do get around to that screenplay, I wanna read it! ^^ Thanks for the nomination, I literally just saw your comment. ?