james avery dangle rings Sterling silver dangle rings were one of my favorite trends in fifth grade (during the 80s). This was right around the same time when girls were starting to care about brand names (jeans had to be Guess? and canvas shoes had to be Keds). And if you grew up in Texas, that meant your dangle rings had to be James Avery.

James Avery is a gold and silver manufacturing company that was started in Texas during the 1950s. Now the jewelry collection includes over 14,000 gold, silver, and gemstone pieces, but what makes them really rad is their collection of charms…for dangle rings!

Yep, in fifth grade girls were wearing multiple dangle rings on each hand. I remember bugging my mom for a James Avery ring, but since the family budget was very tight back then, she ended up getting me a knockoff with a honeybee charm.  I loved it anyway. I wore it every day until the charm fell off and was lost.

Weeks later, I found the charm at the bottom of the wastebasket! I could hardly believe it. I clenched it in my palm, and rushed to the sink to give it a nice rinse. But when I opened my hand and turned the water faucet on, the rush of cold water swirled the charm right out of my hand and straight down the drain. Haha, I can laugh about it now, but I was super bummed. We moved to California shortly after that, and I put all my dangle ring woes behind me.

But now I’m bringing dangle rings back into my woe-free life. And for me, that means they have to be James Avery. The collection of charms is amazing and the quality is superior.

james avery dangle music note hummingbird

I went with the two-note music charm and the extremely gorgeous hummingbird charm.

The roller skate, the typewriter, and the pizza slice charms are also high on my list of favorites. And if they make a skateboard one, or a mangchi/hammer one, those will definitely be mine as well.

I also noticed that the honeybee is still available. It looks exactly how I remember my knockoff charm looked.

james avery honeybee charm

Should I get it?

So, yes, dangle rings are back! And there’s a charm for everyone!

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Shireen L. Platt
8 years ago

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a dangling ring but looking at how pretty they are on your fingers make me want to rush out and buy myself some.

ps: I’m in love with your two colour manicure, am sooooo going to steal your idea when I next do my nails. It’s so chic!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Ann Carol
Ann Carol
4 years ago

I recently visited Texas and went to James Avery store and they informed me they no longer make dangle rings. I asked the sales associate if she knew if they’re going to bring them back and she said she didn’t know.

Bernice white
Bernice white
3 years ago

I am a James Avery kind of ?,glad they bringing the dangling ring back.

3 years ago
Reply to  Bernice white

They’re bringing them back?! Do you know when?