Hi. It’s been a while. I’ve been busy with work and life stuff, and so many things have been put on the backburner like blogging, shopping, and going to the salon. My gray roots have grown in like crazy (luckily it’s blending kind of well with my blonde highlights), and it’s definitely approaching time for me to get my hair cut again. Today I’m talking about some trendy haircuts that I’m loving.


They say a pixie cut is best for those with a heart-shaped face (that’s me!). It can also work well for oval faces. I had super short riot-grrl hair in college, but it was never quite a pixie. Think I can pull it off? I think pixie cuts might require too much regular salon maintenance to keep its shape, but they sure are cute. I see this style on professional ladies in Arts District. If you own a home among Richmond real estate, you probably see this urban style frequently in your city.

Short and Blunt

I’ve been seeing some girls wearing this futuristic hippie chick style. And even though I’d probably never go for it myself, I give much respect to the girls who pull it off. It seems pretty low maintenance, but it can be styled with a flat iron, and you could get a little creative with curls and half-up styles.

Long Layers

You know this is my look and my usual cut. Long layers and beachy waves are a beautiful and natural way to wear your hair and there are so many ways to style it. I’ve been wearing ponytails and top knots on repeat. But I recently learned how to blow dry my hair straight using the Dyson Airwrap.

Here’s me after a fresh root touch up!

Long Bob

This is a cut that I’ve been considering. I love that it’s still kinda long, but for me it would feel super short—like I made a major change. This cut seems great for most face shapes, and allows you to wear your hair down without it being too heavy and is still long enough for a variety of updos. I’ll probably consider it more when my blonde highlights grow out more and need to be chopped off.


Bangs are my go-to when I need a change. It’s such a commitment though because they need to be trimmed all the time! And the grow out stage is so awkward. My stylist, Christine (@phases) says I shouldn’t do bangs right now because of my highlights, so that’s another style I might need to wait on.

Anyway, I was exploring different hairstyles and just wanted to share some of the looks I was seeing. Let me know which is your fave!

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4 years ago

i like the first one. it’s gorgeous.
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