I worked out today for the first time in a while. It’s kind of hard to do cardio in the apartment because we’re on the third floor and the last thing I want to do is be bouncing around on our downstairs neighbors’ ceiling. We have rude upstairs neighbors who stomp and party, so we know how it feels.

And now that we have a new rug in the living room, I can hop a little bit in my sneakers and not disturb anyone below.

I’ve been looking for some fun cardio workouts that I could do without too much bouncing around, mostly without floor exercises or burpees, and not that much strength training. Light dumbbells is a plus.

Here are three of my favorite low impact, high-intensity workout channels on YouTube:

Body Project

I like that these workouts are mostly 30 minutes long. Honestly, I just discovered them, but so far I like the motivation and quality of the videos. They seem to have something for all fitness levels.

This is one I just did. It was a little too easy for me, but I needed easy on my first day back:


I used to work out to POPSUGAR Fitness videos all the time, but mostly for strength training. I still follow along with some arm workouts that were posted by them almost 10 years ago. Never really viewed any of their cardio videos until recently.

They have a wide variety of different types of cardio workouts, like kickboxing or hiphop dancing. I look for the ones that don’t have too many complicated moves because I’m not good at mirroring the dance moves.

I haven’t done this one yet, but I’m going to. I’m a fan of Anna Renderer, she’s fun and down-to-earth.

Git LIIT with Amy

I love Amy. She’s fun and motivational and picks good songs. Has moves that combine boxing and dance. Uses light dumbbells. Workouts are not too easy (for me).

The quality of her videos are not that great, and sometimes the workouts feel very long to me, even when they are just 30 minutes. Not sure why…could be because they are hard workouts or because the moves are the same as the ones in her previous videos. But I mostly like her spirit and want to support her and her channel.

Most of her videos are about an hour long and she does cardio and strength training. Honestly, I’ve never finished any of her hour-long videos. I just putter out at around 30 minutes, so I can’t say whether she does resistance stuff at the end of the cardio part. I stick to her 30-minute videos now so I can finish and not feel like such a fat quitter.

If anybody has any recommendations, let me know!

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Elegant Duchess
3 years ago

I love HIT workout. I would also recommend Insanity Max and T25 by Shaun T. His workout literally changed my body shape xx
Elegant Duchess xx