Dang, January 2021 is already almost over. The speed at which time is passing is officially ridiculous. On the bright side, we are one day/month closer to retirement.

Last year when the new year rolled around, Eddie and I revamped our home studio. We dumped the yellow couch that was in the extra bedroom (bittersweet…it was the most comfortable couch but its time was up), got me a standing desk (got mine from Fully), baby Aeron chair, got the cutest couch (Mags couch currently on sale), and a new TV. Redoing the space has been life changing, especially since we spent the whole year inside the apartment.

This year, we got a new living room rug, some bamboo bed sheets, and Philips Hue lights in every room. I can’t believe Niko threw up on the rug the first day we unrolled it. She hasn’t thrown up since the early days of getting adopted, but I guess couldn’t resist the urge to hurl as soon as the new carpet went down.

Crate and Barrel has a neat feature on their mobile site where you can see what the rugs will look like in your space before you buy. That’s how we decided between the two:

The Andorra Viscose rug
The Malakai rug

We went with the Malakai rug.

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Nothing else has been going on. I’ve been busy working and writing, and hopefully I’ll get back into blogging and posting stuff again. I also need to exercise. So out of shape and not feeling that great. But I change all the time.

Hope your 2021 has been off to a great start!

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