Hello! We recently got back from a fun and romantic Santa Barbara getaway. I went to college there so I have lots of really good memories about making new girl friends (ie, learning to live with roommates who ultimately became my BFFs for life), skateboarding with the sickest squad (Sabado Locs), drinking tons of beer at house parties, and guzzling bottles of Diet Mountain Dew and snacking on packs of Red Vines while cramming for biology midterms all night. Ahhh, college life.

But that was years ago. Actually, it was many years ago, and though I’ve been back to SB a few times, I’ve never had the chance to spend time there with Eddie and Charlotte (our dog!) .

Downtown Santa Barbara is very cute and quaint. You can see the Spanish colonial heritage in many of the white stucco Mediterranean-style buildings with distinct red tiles on the roof. Because I am a nerd and sensed a theme…I couldn’t help but throw on my terra cotta top and floral Spring pants.

I couldn’t believe how much colder the air felt there, compared to LA. A two-hour drive can really take you into a different climate. I was so glad I brought my surprisingly warm Forever 21 ribbon bomber.

I don’t usually wear patterned pants, but I saw these Current/Elliott jeans on sale for less than $40 at the TheRealReal, and decided to give them a try.

I used to keep all my fabulous finds from TheRealReal a secret because I thought that if the site got too popular they would jack up their prices, or everybody would snag all the good merch before me. But I’ve been shopping (and consigning) with them for years now so I think it’s safe to let those of you who aren’t familiar with them in on the secret. Simply put: they are the best place to shop for authentic, luxury, preowned clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories! While most of their items are preowned and in great condition, some are brand new with tags still attached, and offered at 70% off retail. And if you use the daily coupon code, you can get an additional 20% off. I love them…it’s where I bought many of my Christian Louboutins and Prada bags. And right now they have tons of designer cute floral jeans!

Love all the cute tile in this city!

Let me know if you find anything awesome on TheRealReal! Thanks so much for reading!

Top :: Forever 21
Jacket :: Forever 21
Pants :: Current/Elliott
Shoes :: YDN  (see previous post about why these boots rock)
Bag :: Chloe (old style; in love with all the
preowned Marcie bags here)


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7 years ago

I’m totally crazy for your outfit Jen! These floral pants are so pretty on you and let the whole outfit shine. Maybe in Santa Barbara was a bit colder but I see only this pretty smile in your face, which makes always warm feelings.
Greets, Martina