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I’m finally getting around to posting this outfit. I wasn’t sure whether I was even going to share the details on this OOTD after posting on IG, but there’s actually a little story that goes along with this top (that I mined from the depths of my closet), so I thought I’d post.

plaid open shoulder top ripped jeans outfit

I found this cold shoulder top while undertaking a major closet purge and overhaul. Eddie and his coworkers have been talking about a very popular book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. It is a book written by Japanese organization and tidying expert, Marie Kondo, and explains how eliminating clutter and having a place for every item in your home can essentially improve your quality of life. So I took her advice and started my decluttering marathon, starting with clothing.


Kondo says you should discard any piece of clothing that does not “spark joy.” Hold the shirt in your hands, and see if it makes you feel happy. I ended up placing items that I thought were cute (but didn’t spark joy) into the garbage bag. I found so much clothes that I never wore for whatever reason (maybe I was saving it until I got my abs back). And soon enough I had two large garbage bags full of clothes and wayyyy more closet space.

Marie Kondo also has a special method of folding clothes which you can see on YouTube. I folded my tanks and shorts the KonMari way and love how much more I can store in a drawer.

So I found this plaid top while cleaning out my closet. It had been hanging around for over a year and never worn. It sounds like a no brainer–throw it away if you haven’t worn it–but when I saw it, I think I felt a little sparkle of joy!

plaid open shoulder top ripped jeans outfit

plaid open shoulder top ripped jeans outfit

I love the front-tie design. I had to pair it with distressed high-waisted jeans because it looked terrible with low-rise ones!

chloe marcie medium flap

My new (to me) Chloe Marcie Medium Flap.

red vans boat shoes zapato del barco

Dug these shoes up from out of the closet too. So old and rarely worn. They worked for this OOTD, but not sure they really spark much joy.

I highly recommend this book! My closet is so much more organized and roomy. And everything I see hanging makes me feel happy. I’ve also moved on to decluttering my kitchen, which truly is life changing.

Thanks for reading! Please comment if you have read this book!

Book :: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Top :: Mine (old; similar here)

Jeans :: Fashion Nova

Shoes :: Vans

Bag :: Chloe (current style)

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mulimah skirts
7 years ago

wow so nice dress.

Andrea Tiffany
7 years ago

Omg I love your bag! It’s the perfect shade of red! Also, I sort of fold my clothes like that. It helps so much to see what clothes I have when they aren’t stacked on top of each other. Love this outfit! You make plaid look so good!

~Andrea Tiffany~