ebateslogoGetting cash back is like getting free money to shop. If you’re like me and buy everything online, then you should definitely sign up with Ebates. I’ve used cash back deals on my bank and credit cards before, only to receive a couple cents here and a couple bucks there. Nothing has given me more cash back than Ebates. In my first year of using Ebates, I’ve already received over $500 back.

Yesterday was Big Fat Payment day, so I received $122.99 directly to Paypal.

Ebates is free and easy. You won’t have to harass anybody, watch videos, get spam, send spam, scan bar codes, click on ads, fill out forms, mail in rebates, or anything like that. All you do is shop.

Here’s how to get cash back with Ebates:

1. Sign up here. Get a $5 bonus just for registering!

2. Add Favorites. Browse stores and add your favorites for easy access before shopping. Almost all of the stores and sites that I regularly shop at are available for cash back deals. Even eBay, Amazon (though some of their deals are limited by department), and Nordstrom, which all have their own cash back rewards programs (on top of Ebates).


3. Click on the store and shop. You must remember to open the store’s website from your Ebates dashboard or your Ebates app in order to earn the cash back deal. Most stores offer cash back deals between 2% to 5%. I’ve seen 8% to 10% cash back deals at high-end retailers, like Saks and Neiman Marcus–which helps justify fancy bag or shoe purchases.


The more you shop the more you get back.




Let Ebates justify the purchase.








4. Get cash back. The earnings (or savings, however you want to look at it) certainly add up. In three months, you’ll receive your Big Fat Payment.


Easy as pie, right? Happy shopping!

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