I have wanted to do something about my lashes ever since I came to terms with the fact that eyelash extensions just aren’t for me (they require too much maintenance, time, money, etc). Then I discovered Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Lash Volumizing mascara ($26) in fun colors–which are perfect for summer–and the cutest way to lengthen and jazz up my almost nonexistent lashes.

Besides black, this line of mascara is also available in these vibrant colors:

Peacock (teal)
Garnet (brick red)
Think Ink (cool navy blue)
Violet Incredible (bold purple)
All About Yves (a brighter blue)

marc jacobs omega mascara

I saw these at Sephora while shopping for gifts so my budget allowed me to pick only three even though I wanted all of them (actually, I was only supposed to get one thing for myself, but you know how that goes…). I went with the Peacock, All About Yves, and Garnet.

I have very short lashes, so when a mascara makes my lashes stand out in any way, I fall instantly in love. Besides the rich color in these, I was also happy to see a ton of volume and much more length. I did experience a little bit of clumpiness since the formula is thick, but I was able to coat every lash, even the baby lashes at the inner corner of my eye.

The Peacock hue is my favorite. Who doesn’t love anything teal? I love the tinge of green and how it brightens up my eyes overall.

marc jacobs omega lash volumizing mascara peacock teal

The colors shows up best in the sun, which is why I’ll be reaching for these all summer.

Jenny wearing Peacock teal Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Lash Volumizing mascara

Peacocking in my new favorite mascara.

I have tried a few less expensive brands of blue mascara before, like the Maybelline Great Lash ($5), but the pigment did not show up nearly as much as the Marc Jacobs one.

marc jacobs omega lash volumizing mascara blue

Jenny wearing Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara All About Yves

All About Yves and this pretty blue!

I wasn’t sure how I would like the Garnet. The red is more like a burgundy so I was not expecting fiery lashes. But they actually do look pretty fiery, and do cause a little bit of that “Is your eye infected?” effect.

marc jacobs omega lash volumizing mascara red

I think makeup artists and girls who create more adventurous looks would love and look sensational in this one. But for me, this is not one I’d use for an everyday look.

Jenny wearing Garnet red Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Lash Volumizing mascara

Eyelashes in Garnet.

Thanks for checking out these fun colors! Let me know if you’ve tried this or anything like this!

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5 years ago

I love the way it looks!! The garnet shade is so pretty and unique! I’ve never seen a mascara that shade!


5 years ago

I have to admit that coloured mascaras are a guilty pleasure of mine! I can never quite pass up an opportunity to try a new variation, even though the colour pay-off is sometimes quite disappointing. I love the way these look on you! Peacock is a really stunning colour indeed. I think I may have to have a look online for this range.
Have a lovely weekend!
Christina ♥

5 years ago

Great post and photos! It’s something a bit different and I love the look of it! 🙂