Happy end of 2018. I can’t believe how fast the year has gone by. I didn’t really do much blogging this year, but maybe next year I’ll post more consistently? Can’t say I did much of anything in 2018 except bouldering, obsessing over at-home gel manicures, online thrift shopping, and decluttering my space.

I think I went through a bunch of mini Marie Kondo-style declutter sessions throughout the year. I tossed a bunch of old makeup palettes out and emptied out the bag of old lippies into the trash. I cleared out space for the new things that I know I love and need, and that I’ll use everyday.

So here’s a quick review of my recent Gourmande Girls makeup haul. While I purchased some of the products in this post, many of them were gifted to me by the sweet and beautiful co-owner of Gourmande Girls, Christina Gourmande.

Gourmande Girls Eyeshadow and Liquid Liner

I have been using the 5 Shade Luxe Eyeshadow Palette in Brown Basics ($17) everyday since I bought it. It’s just the perfect nude palette for an everyday natural look. I don’t even use an eyeshadow primer with it, because I’m super happy with the natural and subtle shadowing it adds to my eyes. I like to layer the shades too.

I was also gifted the Fall in Love Eyeshadow Palette (on sale for $30!) with 15 gorgeous fall shades. Honestly, I haven’t used it yet though. They look so pristine and delicious I kind of just like looking at them. But I want to practice a smokey-eye look with this.

Brown Basics: My everyday eyeshadow palette.

The Gourmande Girls Matte Liquid Liner ($17) is one of my favorite eyeliners. Mostly because I have fat hooded Asian eyelids and it has always been pretty impossible for me to draw a proper wing. But the brush on this eyeliner makes it super easy to control, and the liquid glides on precisely without any tugging or drawn lines where I did not want any lines.

This liquid liner is a winner.

Gourmande Girls Highlighter

I’m new to blush and highlighter. I never used them because I don’t really know where to apply the stuff. I was gifted the If Stef Wears It Metallic Highligher Palette ($30), so I had a chance to play around with these shimmery powders. I tried the gold and pinkish ones around my cheeks and it gave me a really pretty subtle glow, which was perfect for my holiday party look.

And I use the Baked Iridescent Highlighting Powder everyday now for some extra shimmer and contouring.

Gourmande Girls Liquid Lipsticks

Ahh, these are my favorite. I have found my go-to brand of liquid lipstick. These are super rich in pigment, last long, smell delicious, and are inexpensive. I love the formulas because they go on smooth and don’t feather all nasty after a couple hours or after drinking coffee.

My absolute favorite is the Matte Waterproof Liquid Lipstick (French Beige). I’ve seriously worn it everyday since I got it, and it might be the first liquid lipstick that I actually finish using up before getting bored of it. I’m not seeing it in stock online ?, but I’m also in love with the Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick ($15) and the newly released Vegan Liquid Lipstick ($15).


Another awesome thing about Gourmande Girls is that they are animal cruelty-free! Absolutely no testing on animals. Christina and co-owner Stef Jordan are animal lovers and rescuers. They run their business with lots of love and you can tell by the quality of their products.

Thank you, Christina and Stef for sponsoring this post!

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5 years ago

what an awesome blog post Jenny! & The flatlays are perfection!

Elegant Duchess
5 years ago

I love these palettes, classy neutral colour. I definitely would like to see more from you this year. xx

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