Although turning 40 has been pretty awesome so far, I have to admit I’ve been forced (by nature) to be more conscious about taking better care of my skin. Today I’m talking about the Decorte Slim & Firm Concentrate Multi-Action Face Mask that I received for testing purposes from Decorte and

decorte slim & firm concentrate multi-action face mask

I had heard of Decorte and knew it mostly as a “luxury” skincare line (it’s sold exclusively at Saks), and it wasn’t until I held the products in my hand and saw the labeling that I realized this is a Japanese beauty line. Yay, I’m a fan of the ingredients and technology Asian skincare brands are using these days. The box that I received contained the following:

Decorte Clean & Pure Foam Wash ($55)
Decorte Slim & Firm Concentrate Mask ($35)
Decorte Vi-Fusion Essence Serum ($180)

Decorte Vi-Fusion Essence Serum

I was excited to receive the entire regimen, since I thought that I was just going to be testing the sheet masks only. I couldn’t wait to try the Decorte Vi-Fusion Serum. It’s a watery serum that promises to strengthen, regenerate, and empower the skin by forming a breathable barrier to retain moisture and increase resilience. As directed, I applied 2 to 3 pumps on my face and neck on clean, dry skin morning and night.

decorte vi fusion essence serum

I actually really like this product. It makes my face look really smooth, dewy, and even glassy. And my pores appear smaller. Immediately after applying it, my skin feels tight and protected. If I happen to skip on it for a night, I feel like I’m missing something. This is a great adjunct to my normal routine.

Decorte Slim & Firm Concentrate Multi-Action Face Mask

Before using the Decorte Slim & Firm Concentrate Multi-Action Face Mask, it’s important to know that this sheet mask comes in two pieces–the upper mask in the gold package and the lower mask in the black package. It’s easiest to remove both masks from their wrappers (with dry hands!) first. The top mask is easy to apply, and stays in place very well. The bottom mask has these extensions for your chin and neck areas. Make sure to pull the extensions up toward your jaw to get some lift and to cover your neck as much as possible. I found that the extensions don’t really stay in place unless you’re lying down.

Here’s a quick video (my first vid! thanks for watching! ?) that Eddie shot of me demonstrating how I applied the mask:

This mask is extremely hydrating. The serum treatment is thick and a little bit sticky. I kept the mask on for 15 minutes (I wanted to keep it on longer for maximum effects, but I had things to do around the house).

My skin felt so hydrated, supple, and smooth. This treatment has been recommended to use to liven up your skin before an event, and I can see why. I was glad to use it as my newly-40 skin booster. I would especially recommend this if you have dry skin.

Decorte Clean & Pure Foam Wash

And finally, just a few quick words about the Decorte Clean & Pure Foam Wash. My everyday face wash is Clean & Clear ($5), so when I get a chance to use a high-end cleanser, I tend to love it. But I’m not so sure I love this one for summer time. It contains the same ingredients as the Vi-Fusion serum, and it’s very hydrating. Maybe a bit too hydrating and conditioning for my type of skin. My face tends to dry out during winter time so I think I’ll hold on to this until the cold season, when my skin really needs that extra moisture boost.

Overall, this is a very effective, luxurious, and extremely hydrating treatment regimen. I would definitely recommend this for skin that needs a boost after too much sun exposure, before an important event, or for winter moisturization. Big thanks to Decorte and for generously sponsoring this post!



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6 years ago

Thanks for sharing, dear! Love this post!

Julia Pepper
6 years ago

What a fab review my dear, such a stunning product. I definitely should try it ! Thanks for sharing it ??????

6 years ago

These products sounds amazing! I have not done a mask in a while and could use some new cleansers!

Thank you for the awesome review!


6 years ago

This seem to be something I could use… Thanks for sharing 🙂
Happy Wednesday!

Andrea Steiner
6 years ago

I’m a big fan of Japanese products because they are really really good. And this products look amazing and it sounds great. It is important to take care of your skin and sometimes spend a little bit more money, but it is worth it.

Thanks for sharing it my dear.

xx, Andrea – Strawberries ‘n’ Champagne

6 years ago

Dear Jennifer, thank you to letting us know about theses products. I love to discover new cosmetics. And if I see your beautiful skin, I’m sure that they are not bad. Kisses from Switzerland, Martina

6 years ago

I still cannot believe you turned 40. You obviously have a great skincare routine because you look amazing! And Thanks for sharing these products!

6 years ago

Great post and products!
These sound like great products, they are quite pricey, but probably worth of money 🙂

6 years ago

Dear Jenni,
as I could see your video, this mask has a good effect on your effect. Normally I would say that you have it not needy, cause your skin looks like as in your 20’s. But of course the skin care is important. For sure very good products. Greets, Martina