Hi. I haven’t blogged in forever, and haven’t blogged an OOTD in even longer than forever. It was nice to step out of the blogosphere for a bit, especially during the holiday season and the beginning part of the new year. But now it’s time to get back to business.

I know I’m coming back with a totally casual and not so blogworthy outfit. I wasn’t sure I was going to post this, but I’ve been living in this look these days, so I thought I’d post just to say hello and to update you on things. Also, the shoes are dope, so here you go:

I’ve been dressing super laidback lately, mostly because I’ve been working from home now. I’m a writer for a medical education company and working remotely, which means I’m usually working in jeans, t-shirt (or hoodie!), and sneakers. Can’t complain, though I miss wearing fancy shoes…but that’s what date nights are for.

I have a small collection of these grande-sized Starbucks cold cups. And these Baby G watches. So many fun colors. 🙂

pink hoodie streestyle

One of our test shots.

Even though January flew by, it still feels like a very new year to me. This year Eddie and I are hoping to travel more and to get our creative projects going. We had a tough 2017 since he was fighting through his medical treatments, but now that he’s literally been given a second chance (currently cancer free!), we’re both trying to make the most out of life. I’m excited about the future and loving the present.

But no, we still have not thought about any wedding plans. He says he’s down for any type of wedding that I want. I want to elope!

My other plans for 2018: get back into a running regimen, blog more consistently, figure out how to make the Instagram algorithm work for me, write a movie, land some flip tricks, and nail some Street Fighter V combos. Haha.

balenciaga mini city adidas tubular

Bought these Adidas Tubular kicks in boys size 4. I’m normally a 5.5 to 6 in women’s, and these fit perfectly. Cheaper too.

Not too much else going on over here. I hope your 2018 is off to a fantastic start. Thanks for visiting! Write me a comment and say hi. It’s been a while! ♥️

Hoodie: Forever 21
Jeans: Frame Denim (similar here)
Shoes: Adidas
Bag: Balenciaga ($30 dupe here)
Hat: Welcome Skateboards (Love this faux suede one!)
Watch: Casio Baby G

Shop cute hats:





Hi! Just wanted to throw up a quick blog post about the Members Only jackets that I’ve been sharing on IG. These are my favorite sporty cool jackets and I already had them in awesome sold-out colors (blush, camo, and floral camo) before the company reached out to me for what seemed like a dream collaboration.

members only satin boyfriend jacket pink blush

My favorite blush Members Only jacket! Sorry, sold out. ☹️

Similar (Mauve) here on sale!

I received the Women’s Helix Iconic Racer Members Only Jacket in the color Canteen in size XS. Hooray for them having an XS option. I love this shimmery pale blue color. It sort of has that vintagey, old school, Stranger Things vibes but it’s totally fresh and new.

This Members Only jacket is currently on sale at Barney’s Warehouse here!

The other jacket that I’ve had on frequent rotation lately is the Women’s Washed Satin Boyfriend Members Only jacket in Burgundy. Also in size XS. This jacket is as classic as they come. They are so well-made and comfortably lined. I love the edginess of the bomber style, and the nylon is so satiny that it’s still got that feminine vibe. It’s a tad bit oversized (hence boyfriend style), but that’s what makes it comfortable and yet never frumpy.

Currently on sale at Tilly’s!

Big thanks to Members Only for providing the jackets!

And special thanks and photo cred to  @inspiremyfancy || inspiremyfancy blog


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Hi! As you can see I’m still obsessed with transforming my Dr. Martens boots. If you read Part 1 on how to dye leather boots (here), then you already know that I felt that my last boots project came out too dark. I dyed cherry red Docs using an oxblood-colored dye and the resulting color was gorgeous, but looked nearly black. So here I am at it again with Part 2 on how to paint leather boots. I’m painting some old gray boots. And I’m wanting that original cherry red back!

Before and After of my dyeing project from Part 1. The oxblood is so pretty but the OG red is just so cute and classic.

Painting vs Dyeing Leather

The main difference between painting and dyeing leather is that paint sits on the surface of the leather, while dye penetrates the leather. Whatever I’m painting will turn out to be that color. With dyeing, the color that I get will depend on the type of leather and the color of leather that I’m starting with. My cherry red Docs were already pretty pigmented to start with, which is probably why they turned out so dark. Plus, oxblood is just a dark, rich color in general.

Also, paint is definitely more forgiving. If I accidentally get a drop of paint on the wrong spot, I can wipe it off with a damp cloth. Any mistakes made with dye are pretty regrettable and irreversible!

Today I’ll show you how to paint leather boots. I’ll be transforming these scuffed up gray Docs into super cute red Docs:

gray dr martens boots


-Leather paint (I used Angelus leather paint in Autumn Red)
-Acetone, rubbing alcohol, or leather deglazer
-Painter’s tape or masking tape
-Sponge paint brush
-Small, fine paint brush
-A plastic cup or bowl to hold your paint
-Leather shoe polish (I used Dr. Martens Cherry polish)
-Leather shoe brush
Acrylic paint finisher (I actually skipped this)

Step 1. Prepare the Boots

Preparation for painting leather boots is the same as if you are dyeing them. I cleaned the boots with a shoe brush and a little bit of warm water. Once they were dry, I “stripped” the existing dye with rubbing alcohol. This step is really important for making the paint stick to the leather, so I really went at it.

Then I applied tape to the areas where I wanted to avoid painting. I used Opi Glitter Off Natural Peel Off Base Coat on the lace eyelets to protect them from being painted, but I’m not sure it worked.

painting leather boots

Step 2. Paint the Boots

Painting the boots was really fun. I poured a little bit of paint into my red Solo cup and went at it with a sponge brush. Application was pretty smooth and not streaky, and the Angelus leather paint was super easy to work with.

angelus acrylic leather paint autumn red

angelus acrylic leather paint autumn red

I used a small brush to get the edges and details. Kind of impossible to avoid the eyelets. But I’m sure the paint won’t last too long on the metal.

angelus acrylic leather paint autumn red

The Autumn Red dye looks really bright and glossy here. But it will mellow out once it dries. Don’t worry.

I applied two coats, and made sure the paint was dry in between coats.

Step 3. Touch Up the Bad Spots

Once the second coat was dry, I carefully (so I thought) removed the tape. My tape actually pulled off some of the paint near the soles and I was alarmed by how easy it seemed to peel off. But again, don’t worry, I just used a small paint brush and touched up the spots with two coats.

Just FYI, Autumn Red is similar to the original cherry red color of Dr. Martens, except it is a bit redder and not as burgundy.

angelus acrylic leather paint autumn red

See how the paint color mellowed out.

 Step 4. Finish and Polish the Boots

It’s recommended to apply an acrylic paint finisher, but I skipped this step. The finisher is supposed to protect the paint from scuffs and probably peeling, so it seems like a good idea especially if you are planning to wear the boots a lot. It also comes in matte or gloss. My Docs are not in my usual rotation of footwear, so I felt okay about skipping it.

I just polished the boots and I was done!

angelus acrylic leather paint autumn red

Step 5. Show Off Your “New” Boots

Here I am in my red Docs as seen on IG:

girl wearing red doc martens

camo and red doc martens outfit

Step 6. Find More Shoes to Paint and Dye

The Angelus acrylic paint is fantastic for customizing sneakers, bags, belts, saddles, holsters, etc. While doing research for this blog post I saw so many inspiring pictures and videos of people who customize their Jordans and other Nikes. Here’s my humble sneaker modification start:

painting nikes autumn red

The Janoski on top has a bright pink Swoosh. I painted it red (bottom shoe).

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this post gave you a little bit of insight on how to paint leather shoes. Let me know if you decide to take on a leather dyeing or painting project!


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Hi, I hope you’ve been doing awesome. I wanted to write a quick beauty post to share a couple of my recent findings about my hair and skin, and what to do if biotin in your multivitamin or hair growth supplement is causing acne.

Recently, when I was looking into silver-colored hair extensions (yeah, I know, but I saw some on IG and they looked awesome), I found this informative article about hair growth. Along with some tips about scalp circulation and stress reduction, the article named vitamins B6, C, E, and biotin as some helpful supplements for growing healthier hair.

I have taken hair growth supplements in the past, such as Viviscal, which was comprised mainly of a proprietary marine-based amino acid complex. And I can honestly say Viviscal did seem to make my hair thicker–but my favorite part about it was that it cured my monthly hormonal acne. Seriously, every month about a week before my period I used to develop a volcano-sized zit (or two!) on my cheek or forehead. But after taking Viviscal for a few months, that all stopped happening. It was great. Eventually, I stopped taking Viviscal because it’s kind of expensive, and thankfully, my crazy monthly zits didn’t come back. But my thin and brittle hair did, so I started up on Viviscal again.


I discovered the makers of Viviscal changed the formulation by adding biotin. And I also discovered that biotin causes acne (at least for me it does!). I stopped taking the Viviscal and stuck with a women’s multivitamin instead (which contains 400 mcg of biotin per serving). But even the multivitamin started causing some really red, inflammatory, cystic-type acne.

I did some googling and some Internet researching and read a theory that excess biotin can cause vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) depletion. And when you’re vitamin B5-depleted or deficient, you can develop acne, breakouts, or rashes because you need B5 to regulate what’s happening on the surface of your skin. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but if it is, then taking a vitamin B5 supplement along with my multivitamin should solve the problem, right?

It did! As soon as I started taking a pantothenic acid tablet with my multivitamin, the acne flares stopped and my skin cleared up. Even stayed cleared throughout my cycle.

Hair feeling and looking good thanks to vitamins, freshly dyed roots, and a blowout. Tassel earrings / Layered necklace c/o Sugarfix by Baublebar

So if you’re finding that your hair supplement, women’s vitamin, or biotin tablet is causing breakouts, try taking some vitamin B5. It seems to be working for me! Hope this helps and thanks for reading!


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Hello! I’m sorry I have been away from the blog for the past month. Things were super busy in October, so thank you for coming back and checking in. As you can see, I have a different type of post today…a DIY!

I scored some pre-owned cherry red 8-eye Doc Martens boots for $13, and decided to dye them because they were pretty beat up. I actually think Docs look awesome when they are scuffed up and look like they’ve had their share of run-ins in the mosh pit, but I was a little bothered by the fact that none of these scratches was made by me. So I decided to dye them oxblood, and in this post I’ll show you how to dye leather boots.

cherry red doc martens

BEFORE: Lots of scuffs and scratches.

I thought I’d walk you through the dyeing process in case you get the itch to dye a pair of your own leather shoes. Dyeing anything used to sound so intimidating to me, but it’s actually really easy, inexpensive, and fun. First, you need to gather everything you’ll need.

What You’ll Need:

-Leather dye (I used Angelus in Oxblood; they have a lot of nice colors)
-Shoe polishing brush
-Painter’s tape or masking tape
-Rubbing alcohol or acetone
-Newspaper to protect your workspace
-Gloves are recommended
-Leather polish (I used Dr. Martens Cherry polish)

restoring doc martens

I also got new insoles and laces.

Step 1. Clean the Boots

Remove the laces and use the brush to scrub off any dirt and dust. Make sure to clean the tongue and around the soles because lots of dirt gets trapped in there. Next, dip the brush in warm water and give the boots a gentle cleanse to loosen up and remove dried-on dirt particles. If the leather feels wet, allow the boots to dry completely.

Step 2. Deglaze the Boots

Using a cloth, wipe down the boots with rubbing alcohol, acetone, or leather deglazer. This step breaks down the original finish on the leather and prepares the surface for the dye to “stick.” This is an important step, so take your time and be thorough. It’s normal to see some of the original dye come off on your cloth.

Step 3. Tape the Boots

Apply painter’s tape around the soles and any other areas where you want to avoid dyeing.

Step 4. Apply the Dye

Now the fun part! Make sure you have newspaper or some other type of covering spread out over your work area. This stuff can get super messy. You might want to put on some gloves too.

Shake the bottle of dye before opening. I carefully dipped the wool wand that came with the dye into the bottle and applied it to the boots. At first I was alarmed by how dark the color was, but too late to turn back. I also found that it went on very streaky, but that’s because I didn’t know you’re supposed to apply it in a circular or swirling motion. I eventually ditched the wand and just used a cloth and got more even coverage.

how to dye leather boots with angelus oxblood dye

The oxblood dye is so dark!

how to dye leather boots oxblood

Don’t worry if the dye looks streaky. Swirl some more on.

how to dye leather boots angelus oxblood dye

The dye looked kind of metallic when it was still wet.

Step 5. Polish the Boots

Once the shoes have dried overnight or for 24 hours, it’s time to polish them. I used the Dr. Martens Cherry polish to restore some of that original pretty red into the leather. Apply the polish with a cloth, wipe off the excess, and use a brush to get the leather to shine.

dr. martens cherry polish oxblood

angelus oxblood dye dr. martens

So dark, rich, and shiny!

Step 6. Add Finishing Touches

This is optional of course. I inserted brand new soles (so comfy!) and added new laces.

Step 7. Show Off Your “New” Boots

That’s it! Super easy.

Stay Tuned…

Okay, so I have to  say that these boots came out a lot darker than I had wanted. The oxblood is dark and rich, especially on leather that is already pretty heavily pigmented. It’s a beautiful color, but now I think I want red boots again…

Which is why I’m going to paint these gray Docs with red paint:

Painting leather is slightly different from dyeing leather…I’ll let you know how it goes, so stay tuned!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope this gave you a little bit of an idea on how to dye leather boots. What color would you want to dye or paint any of your shoes?


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