Hello! I’m finally back with a new post. September really just flew by, didn’t it? My September highlights included celebrating Eddie’s birthday with delicious food and drinks, picking up my new gangster mobile, lopping off my ratty split ends, and teaming up once again with fabulous ModCloth to bring you a sporty look that I put together in my wicked cool ModCloth Fall haul.

[Click here to see last season’s ModCloth collab.]

I was so excited about this ModCloth sponsorship because I had my eye on this awesome Hell Bunny baseball-style jacket. Wait till you see the back. ??

I also picked up ModCloth’s classic striped button-up top. The blouse has some really cute puffy action happening at the cuffs of the sleeves. I like it. I read on the ModCloth site that this top runs big, so I ordered an XXS instead of my usual XS and I was happy I did (I have a small chest so I can usually get away with doing that). I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate the amazing range of sizes ModCloth offers (from XXS to 4X). They truly have something to fit all of our beautiful bodies no matter what shape or size.

The reviews also mentioned that the top is pretty see-through. I wore a matching wine-colored bralette underneath the blouse and stopped worrying about the sheerness because bralettes pretty much solve any shirt problem.

modcloth striped classic button top in wine

Rocking the frontside 50/50 tuck. I unfastened the two bottom buttons to let the shirt “tail” hang better.

The last piece that I received from ModCloth was a pair of these dark-wash skinny jeans (Ain’t A Frayed of Nothin’ Skinny Jeans). I was a little nervous about ordering these because when it comes to denim, I tend to stick with what I know. But since these jeans had a glowing review and I really liked the color and distressing, I went for ’em.

They were a perfect fit and the high waist is not only super comfortable but flattering.

hell bunny ouija board jacket

This is what happens when you lean on a recently buffed wall. Paint on the butt.

Okay, so yes, let’s talk about this awesome jacket. In supreme Halloween inspo, it has super cool Ouija board lettering detail on the back. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced the power of a Ouija board, but it’s basically a means of communicating with spirits/ghosts/entities by placing your hands on a planchette and moving it about the board to spell out messages (presumably from the dead). I had a really cool and spooky experience with a Ouija board once in high school when a few of my friends and I lit candles, engaged in underaged drinking, and played with the board in the park past midnight. That’s probably why I think this jacket is so darn cool…the Ouija board totally worked and my friend allegedly received a message from her late grandma.

I ordered the jacket in XS, and when I opened the package it looked really tiny at first glance. But it ended up fitting just right.

ouija board jacket

You can’t see it in this pic, but the jacket actually says “Parker Brothers” on it, which holds the trademark for the Ouija “game.”

adidas superstar

I love the frayed hem on these ModCloth jeans. I like how they look cuffed with my Adidas.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I’d be super interested to hear about any of your Ouija board stories. Comment if you’ve ever used it to communicate with the other side!

Top :: c/o ModCloth
Jacket :: Hell Bunny c/o ModCloth
Jeans :: c/o ModCloth
Hat :: Everybody Skates
Shoes :: Adidas
Bag :: Chloe (Shop pre-owned and save big time here)

Big thanks to ModCloth for sponsoring this post!

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6 years ago

Scary story babe, lol. You got me when you said that your friend got a message from their late grandmother. Okay, back to your chic styled outfit, hehe. I love that top. It’s super cute. And I agree, the volume at the bottom of the sleeve is a beautiful detail. Love that they have a range of sizes. I can appreciate that as someone who is petite. Thanks for sharing!


6 years ago

you look amazing
The Glossychic

Lucrezia Candelori
6 years ago

I’m totally obsessed with striped shirts lately, love the one you’re wearing here!


Lucrezia ♥ (

Andrea Steiner
6 years ago

I’m a big fan of this cool and casual look. The jacket is awesome (also the back). I love this kind of style. So perfect for every day life. You styled it so perfectly with that striped blouse, jeans, this awesome sneakers and of course this lovely cap. Love everything.

xx, Andrea

6 years ago

Love your outfit here 🙂

6 years ago

Hi Jenny,

LOVE the casual and oh-so-cool vibe of this outfit with a touch of spooky should you decide to utilize the back of the jacket, hehe! Loving the color and texture combo here as well. The look has a tad bit of a 70’s or 90’s vibe, hitting all the right modern notes at the same time–love, love, love!

BTW, can I just say that 40 looks FAB on you! I am heading in that direction and you just totally inspired me!


6 years ago

This is totally an exciting collaboration!! You picked some seriously cool pieces. I especially love that jacket!

6 years ago

I love the preppy vibe of this outfit. So chic and fun!

Jessica |

6 years ago

Ok so this jacket is perfect!!! Love the varsity style and the Ouija detail makes it a Fall staple. Also love that striped top on you!!
xo Kathryn

heather noire
6 years ago

You have such a fun styled outfit here. I love the casual chic style 🙂

6 years ago

OMGEE so glad that I realised you have a blog. Im in love with all your outfit shots! And wow that Ouija board story!!

6 years ago

Hi Jenny, the older I am I love more sporty elements in my wardrobe. I have a feeling that too elegant fashion let to look women in my age older as they are. That’s why I love to mix styles. I really love your bomber and I was seriously thinking to buy similar one. but there are so many things I want, so I decided to invest in another pieces.. but as I saw your cool outfit I knew immediately I need this bomber too. Hope one day soon. Thank you for the great inspiration (as always). Greets Martina

Nina Nguyen
6 years ago

I’m loving this look babe, cool yet preppy! You can pull off any style!
xx- Nina

Julia Pepper
6 years ago

What a story hon! But let me say that you rock this casual outt!! Amazing jacket and what a cool back details. This style is great for every day life. Thanks for sharing !
Much love