Hi! Happy October! October 2 is the first-ever National Consignment Day, so happy National Consignment Day to you, my friends. I’ve partnered up with The Real Real to talk about the benefits of reselling your luxury clothing and accessories, and the importance of making an environmentally conscious decision to reduce waste.

I’ve been shopping at The Real Real for years…it is one of the best places to score a deal on preloved luxury goods by brands such as Christian Louboutin and Chloe. But it wasn’t until recently that I found out how easy it is to repurpose my own used clothing and earn some extra cash too.

The start of Fall is the perfect time to sort through your closet to purge summer pieces and evaluate how likely it is you’ll be wearing last year’s sweaters, boots, and coats. Ever since I read Marie Kondo’s lifechanging book, I’m constantly reassessing what’s in my closet to check whether each piece continues to bring me joy. And if the joy is gone, then peace out to that piece.

Once I’ve accrued a small pile of unwanted items, I get them ready to ship off to The Real Real. But first I make sure that The Real Real is even interested in what I got by checking in with their list of accepted designers.

If my brands are currently being accepted, then I give my pieces a thorough lookover to make sure they are in either good, great, or excellent condition. They won’t accept items that are not clean, overly worn out, stained, snagged, or unprofessionally altered (those types of items deserve a second life by being donated to ladies and families who could really use them.)

This Cut25 sweater would not be accepted because of this snag. Toss into “Donate” bin.

These Rag and Bone Newbury boots show some moderate wear, which would mean if they were accepted, the resale price would reflect that. Keepers.

After I’ve decided on what I want to consign, I make a list of my items and request a free FedEx shipping label (they’ll send a box too if you need one!). Then I send off the list and items and wait for them to be listed for sale on the site.

Most items are priced quite reasonably (like I said earlier, The Real Real is a great place to score a deal). As a buyer of course I want items to be priced as low as possible, and as a seller I want my items priced as high as they can be in order to score a sweeter commission. Based on their most recent consignor terms, I’ll be making 50% of the sale price of items with a resale price of $200 or less, and 55% of items priced between $201 and $1500. Handbags over $1000 can earn up to 80%.

Payments are directly deposited every month. Only day 2 into October and I’ve already got $24 coming to me. 👍🏽

But the point of this blog post isn’t about selling your old clothes to make money. It’s about making a conscious fashion choice to reduce the amount of textile waste in landfills, recycle fabulous clothing, bring joy to others, raise awareness of sustainable fashion options, and make a little extra spending cash while doing it. So cheers to National Consignment Day!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you’re also a consignor or lover of preowned goodies!

Click here to shop or consign fabulous luxury pieces on The Real Real!

Can’t have enough Rag and Bone booties.

*This was a sponsored post.


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Hello! I’m finally back with a new post. September really just flew by, didn’t it? My September highlights included celebrating Eddie’s birthday with delicious food and drinks, picking up my new gangster mobile, lopping off my ratty split ends, and teaming up once again with fabulous ModCloth to bring you a sporty look that I put together in my wicked cool ModCloth Fall haul.

[Click here to see last season’s ModCloth collab.]

I was so excited about this ModCloth sponsorship because I had my eye on this awesome Hell Bunny baseball-style jacket. Wait till you see the back. 🙌🏽

I also picked up ModCloth’s classic striped button-up top. The blouse has some really cute puffy action happening at the cuffs of the sleeves. I like it. I read on the ModCloth site that this top runs big, so I ordered an XXS instead of my usual XS and I was happy I did (I have a small chest so I can usually get away with doing that). I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate the amazing range of sizes ModCloth offers (from XXS to 4X). They truly have something to fit all of our beautiful bodies no matter what shape or size.

The reviews also mentioned that the top is pretty see-through. I wore a matching wine-colored bralette underneath the blouse and stopped worrying about the sheerness because bralettes pretty much solve any shirt problem.

modcloth striped classic button top in wine

Rocking the frontside 50/50 tuck. I unfastened the two bottom buttons to let the shirt “tail” hang better.

The last piece that I received from ModCloth was a pair of these dark-wash skinny jeans (Ain’t A Frayed of Nothin’ Skinny Jeans). I was a little nervous about ordering these because when it comes to denim, I tend to stick with what I know. But since these jeans had a glowing review and I really liked the color and distressing, I went for ’em.

They were a perfect fit and the high waist is not only super comfortable but flattering.

hell bunny ouija board jacket

This is what happens when you lean on a recently buffed wall. Paint on the butt.

Okay, so yes, let’s talk about this awesome jacket. In supreme Halloween inspo, it has super cool Ouija board lettering detail on the back. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced the power of a Ouija board, but it’s basically a means of communicating with spirits/ghosts/entities by placing your hands on a planchette and moving it about the board to spell out messages (presumably from the dead). I had a really cool and spooky experience with a Ouija board once in high school when a few of my friends and I lit candles, engaged in underaged drinking, and played with the board in the park past midnight. That’s probably why I think this jacket is so darn cool…the Ouija board totally worked and my friend allegedly received a message from her late grandma.

I ordered the jacket in XS, and when I opened the package it looked really tiny at first glance. But it ended up fitting just right.

ouija board jacket

You can’t see it in this pic, but the jacket actually says “Parker Brothers” on it, which holds the trademark for the Ouija “game.”

adidas superstar

I love the frayed hem on these ModCloth jeans. I like how they look cuffed with my Adidas.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I’d be super interested to hear about any of your Ouija board stories. Comment if you’ve ever used it to communicate with the other side!

Top :: c/o ModCloth
Jacket :: Hell Bunny c/o ModCloth
Jeans :: c/o ModCloth
Hat :: Everybody Skates
Shoes :: Adidas
Bag :: Chloe (Shop pre-owned and save big time here)

Big thanks to ModCloth for sponsoring this post!


Hello and happy September! I’m a total summer baby and I love hot weather, but I’m really glad that Fall is fast approaching. I mostly just can’t wait for some of the changes I’m anticipating…like new car delivery, new furniture delivery, and of course the completion of Eddie’s hard work at the clinic. Hopefully by the end of the year we’ll be able to plan some trips or an elopement and celebrate life, love, and the blessing of good health.

Today I’m sharing an all-black outfit and another splendid Amazon find! Amazon is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shop for clothes these days because the selection ranges from fastest-fashion pieces to items that are a bit higher in quality. And since I’m keeping an eye on my pocketbook, I copped this black open-shoulder top for only $15.99.

I actually have a hard time finding open-shoulder pieces that don’t make the shoulder area look frumpy when the material is “hanging” off the shoulder. But the shoulder openings on this top seem to fit just fine, and I like how the cutout material on the sleeves look a little edgy and sexy.

I’m totally in love with side-slit booties and nobody does them better than Jeffrey Campbell. The cowboy bootish Cromwell style that you’ve seen in my past posts is my absolute favorite (click here for a spot-on dupe), but I’m also loving the lower-profile Oriley style that I’m wearing here. I tried to link you, but they’re sold out everywhere…check below for links to similar styles.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you’re enjoying the last bit of summer!

Top :: Sarin Mathews (various colors available)
Shorts :: Forever 21 (similar)
Boots :: Jeffrey Campbell (sold out); similar here and here
Bag :: Chloe (smart buys herehere, and here)
Sunnies :: c/o Foster Grant (sold out; similar style here)


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Hi. We’re having hellishly hot weather in LA this week. I love hot weather and I’m not complaining. I just wish I could be at the beach or the pool instead of working at the computer…

In this outfit post I’m sharing a perfect summer top that I found on Amazon. I’m loving the gingham trend right now and I thought this gingham top had such a cute design because of the ruffly peplum hem.

gingham top jean shorts outfit

But I wasn’t so sure the top would work out for me though because while I love ruffles, I think ruffles can look too flouncy and feminine on me. And peplum? Well, this could be the first time I’ve ever worn a peplum top. Peplum designs have never suited me, so my personal taste and style must be evolving (hope so), or this gingham top is just too cute not to love (maybe!).

gingham top jean shorts outfit idea

romwe gingham ruffle peplum hem top outfit

Walking in LA! As I mentioned on Instagram, I’m currently carless right now because I’m waiting for my new car to be delivered from Europe. It has been a breeze since Eddie is able to drive me places and I’m able to borrow his car. And with Lyft and the train…I’m almost feeling like I don’t even need a car. I think I just want a car. With coral red leather…

romwe gingham peplum blouse

These vintage-style round sunnies c/o Foster Grant seem to be a good match with the gingham pattern!

givenchy antigona and adidas

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Top :: Romwe
Shorts :: H&M
Shoes :: Adidas
Bag :: Givenchy
Sunnies :: c/o Foster Grant “Tyra”



Hi! I’m already starting to transition into Fall. Mostly because I’ve been looking forward to the end of 2017 (it’s been a “good” year, but I’m ready for change). Today’s outfit post is all about toughening up a pink plaid summer blouse with my trusty camo jacket (long-time closet favorite).

I saw this pink checked blouse on the Zara website ($12.99 on sale) and thought I’d give it a try. I liked the balance between the soft pink plaid layered details on the front with the raw collar and edges. While this blouse could easily be dressed up with a skirt and heels, I of course kept it casual by keeping the top untucked over distressed jeans and layering up with my camo jacket.

Personal fact: this pink plaid top is the first Zara piece I’ve ever worn. As ubiquitous as the brand is, I never dabbled…until now. I’m definitely pleased with the quality (this sale piece was a total score), and online delivery was fast (only criticism: navigating their web was a little annoying…🙃).

I added a statement bib necklace to accentuate the bib layers of the top. This Sugarfix by Baublebar “Crystal Warrior” necklace is currently on sale too. I like this trendy new jewelry line by Baublebar because the pieces are light (this Sugarfix statement necklace weighs significantly less and is way more comfortable than my Baublebar x Wendys Lookbook bib necklace) and the prices are unbeatable.

rag and bone newbury booties and chloe bag

My favorite Rag and Bone Newbury booties that you will see me wear for many more seasons to come.

Hope you’re enjoying the last stretch of summer! Thanks for stopping by!

Top :: Zara (on sale!)
Jeans :: Frame
Camo Jacket :: Forever 21
Boots :: Rag and Bone 
Bag :: Chloe (budget-savvy dupe here)
Sunnies :: c/o Foster Grant
Statement Necklace :: c/o Sugarfix by Baublebar (on sale!)