Hi! Just wanted to throw up a quick blog post about the Members Only jackets that I’ve been sharing on IG. These are my favorite sporty cool jackets and I already had them in awesome sold-out colors (blush, camo, and floral camo) before the company reached out to me for what seemed like a dream collaboration.

members only satin boyfriend jacket pink blush

My favorite blush Members Only jacket! Sorry, sold out. ☹️

Similar (Mauve) here on sale!

I received the Women’s Helix Iconic Racer Members Only Jacket in the color Canteen in size XS. Hooray for them having an XS option. I love this shimmery pale blue color. It sort of has that vintagey, old school, Stranger Things vibes but it’s totally fresh and new.

This Members Only jacket is currently on sale at Barney’s Warehouse here!

The other jacket that I’ve had on frequent rotation lately is the Women’s Washed Satin Boyfriend Members Only jacket in Burgundy. Also in size XS. This jacket is as classic as they come. They are so well-made and comfortably lined. I love the edginess of the bomber style, and the nylon is so satiny that it’s still got that feminine vibe. It’s a tad bit oversized (hence boyfriend style), but that’s what makes it comfortable and yet never frumpy.

Currently on sale at Tilly’s!

Big thanks to Members Only for providing the jackets!

And special thanks and photo cred to  @inspiremyfancy || inspiremyfancy blog

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I love your jacket collection!! They are all so sporty and cute! I love the burgundy color on you!