Hi! Happy October! October 2 is the first-ever National Consignment Day, so happy National Consignment Day to you, my friends. I’ve partnered up with The Real Realย to talk about the benefits of reselling your luxury clothing and accessories, and the importance of making an environmentally conscious decision to reduce waste.

I’ve been shopping at The Real Real for years…it is one of the best places to score a deal on preloved luxury goods by brands such as Christian Louboutin and Chloe. But it wasn’t until recently that I found out how easy it is to repurpose my own used clothing and earn some extra cash too.

The start of Fall is the perfect time to sort through your closet to purge summer pieces and evaluate how likely it is you’ll be wearing last year’s sweaters, boots, and coats. Ever since I read Marie Kondo’s lifechanging book, I’m constantly reassessing what’s in my closet to check whether each piece continues to bring me joy.ย And if the joy is gone, then peace out to that piece.

Once I’ve accrued a small pile of unwanted items, I get them ready to ship off to The Real Real. But first I make sure that The Real Real is even interested in what I got by checking in with their list of accepted designers.

If my brands are currently being accepted, then I give my pieces a thorough lookover to make sure they are in either good, great, or excellent condition. They won’t accept items that are not clean, overly worn out, stained, snagged, or unprofessionally altered (those types of items deserve a second life by being donated to ladies and families who could really use them.)

This Cut25 sweater would not be accepted because of this snag. Toss into “Donate” bin.

These Rag and Bone Newbury boots show some moderate wear, which would mean if they were accepted, the resale price would reflect that. Keepers.

After I’ve decided on what I want to consign, I make a list of my items and request a free FedEx shipping label (they’ll send a box too if you need one!). Then I send off the list and items and wait for them to be listed for sale on the site.

Most items are priced quite reasonably (like I said earlier, The Real Real is a great place to score a deal). As a buyer of course I want items to be priced as low as possible, and as a seller I want my items priced as high as they can be in order to score a sweeter commission. Based on their most recent consignor terms, I’ll be making 50% of the sale price of items with a resale price of $200 or less, and 55% of items priced between $201 and $1500. Handbags over $1000 can earn up to 80%.

Payments are directly deposited every month. Only day 2 into October and I’ve already got $24 coming to me. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

But the point of this blog post isn’t about selling your old clothes to make money.ย It’s about making a conscious fashion choice to reduce the amount of textile waste in landfills, recycle fabulous clothing, bring joy to others, raise awareness of sustainable fashion options, and make a little extra spending cash while doing it. So cheers to National Consignment Day!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you’re also a consignor or lover of preowned goodies!

Click here to shop or consign fabulous luxury pieces on The Real Real!

Can’t have enough Rag and Bone booties.

*This was a sponsored post.


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Nina Nguyen

Such a great post, thanks for sharing! I need to check them out!!
xx- Nina


I love Marieโ€™s book, it urged me to start doing the same as well. This is such a great idea, hopefully it will come to the UK soon!
Lottie x


Thanks so much for sharing, Jenny! I am in need of reviewing my closet indeed and The Real Real may be a great spot for some of my items!

Happy Tuesday! Xo,


Wow this sounds like a great site for buying used and reselling. You have some really cute pieces you’ll be donating. Thanks for sharing babe!



Such a great post!


Dear Jenny, I just red about similar service by Andrea’s blog and I have to say that this is really very good idea. Actually if is my wardrobe near to explosion and I have to give some clothing away, normally I give them my cousines. But for the future I know about another option. Thank you for the inspo.. Martina


Love your booties dear, especially Rag and Bone Newburry boots. Really classic style.

Jessica |


I love The Real Real. I too consign and it is such an easy process!


I didn’t know this website and thank you for that!


this is such a good idea.
The Glossychic

toya\'s tales

I love The Real Real and have bought items from them. I got my favorite sunglasses from Marc Jacobs from them.

Andrea Steiner

Wow thats so cool. The idea to reduce the amount of textile waste is great. I support this absolutely and I think more of us should do it. I have to check it out too. Thank you so much for sharing it. Have a beautiful day gorgeous.

xx, Andrea

Julia Pepper

WOW honey what a great idea ! thanks for sharing this site and I should definitely check it xo xo !!! Fab post darling !!!

heather noire

Love this post so much! It looks like a great site especially for handbags ๐Ÿ™‚